Monday, September 26, 2011

Pictures I Should Have Posted

I have already blogged about these subjects, but never posted pictures. So herewith I offer you, from the top:

Mother and Pa

Son and grandson on the football field

Our front door

Our back porch

I have tried five times to upload a picture of us with our cheerleader granddaughter, but failed. Sigh.

I never said I was a computer whiz.


HolyMama! said...

YEA!!! thank you!

i have no idea why posting pics is so hard for me, either, but i'm so glad you did it!

keep it up, please!

Jan/ said...

There are several more I would love to post, but can't seem to get them to go. It's frustrating!

MotherT said...

I've been having trouble loading pics, too. Maybe it's not us? Maybe it's blogger?

Jan/ said...

MotherT, that idea makes me feel much less inept!

Linda said...

Your parents look just precious. I've grown to adore the wisdom of their generation.

Yeh, loading pics and getting them to your blog is a mystery to me, too. When it actually works I attribute it to magic. Hugs... : )