Sunday, September 11, 2011

Fires Contained--For Now

The latest report is that, barring a rising wind, the fires in East Texas are contained. Not out. Just contained.

30,000 acres burned to a cinder in Marion County alone. Many homes, barns, fields and pastures now dry, black, and smoking. A 20 yr. old woman and her 18 month old baby dead in Smith County.

Other parts of our country are flooded. Texas needs rain desperately.

Thank you for prayers for the safety of our loved ones. Please continue to pray for rain, so that the still-blistering ground can cool down, and some of the ashes be washed away.


Linda said...

Thanks for the update. How tragic about the loss of life and property. So glad your loved ones are safe, but how horrible about the death of a baby.

God help us, prayers now for rain.


MotherT said...

I'm so thankful the fires have been contained. Are you getting some of the rain that I hear has been falling in parts of Texas??