Thursday, May 09, 2013

Update: Trim Healthy Mama

Since starting to eat according to this plan, we have seen some interesting developments.
Wick has lost 25 pounds, and 5 inches in his waist.
His blood sugar readings have come down so much, he is using about half the insulin he was using before.
My blood sugar A1C, the three-month average, has gone from 11+ down to 7.6, and is much more stable day-to-day, with fewer highs and lows.
Unfortunately, I have not lost any weight. I giving up? No.  This is a healthy way of eating, with few processed foods, and lots of protein, fat, and veggies.  We never have to be hungry, with so many snack options that don't affect blood sugar, and are relatively low in carbs and calories.  Wick says he can eat this way the rest of his life, instead of constantly thinking about what he can eat once he gets to his goal weight.

Chocolate, cheesecake, muffins, pudding, pasta--it can all be done by substituting whole foods for the white flour, sugar, rice, and potatoes we used to crave.  And we don't have those cravings any more.  It seems the more we eat carbs, the more we crave them.  It's like an addiction.  And now we are in recovery.

Yes, I would like to lose more than four pounds.  But whether I lose or not, I am getting stronger and healthier, and for now, that, combined with Wick's progress, is enough.

Usual disclaimer:  I have no financial interest in this book, and receive nothing for this review.