Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Adventures in Modern Medicine

Just in case anyone is still checking in here, I thought I owed you an update on where I have been. Back in the early fall, some of my teaching compadres shared with me about this weight loss surgery, lapband. They are all losing weight, looking great, and expressing only enthusiasm, no regrets. One surgeon in particular was recommended, and his group offers a free presentation, so my darling and I decided to go listen.
The presentation encouraged me to make a consultation appointment.
The first thing the surgeon wanted to do, after taking my history, was a preliminary exam. Okay.
Now I have to fill in a little background.
About a year ago, I noticed that my lower abdomen seemed to be getting larger, even though I was not gaining weight. I especially noticed that it was asymmetrical--
larger on one side than the other.
So I asked my pcp about it. She sent me to a local surgeon.
He told me I was fat.
I said, "I didn't need to pay you $300 to tell me I'm fat. I already know I'm fat. I want to know what is the deal with this lump on my tummy?"
He said,"It's fat. What do you want me to do, get a knife and cut it off?"

At that point, the conversation was over. This was almost a year ago.

When the weight loss surgeon looked, he said, "I don't know what is going on here, but before we even talk about weight loss surgery, we need to find out."

Long story short: after about a month of trying to aspirate the abcesses he found, I went into the hospital 7 Nov. Two surgeries and several weeks of rehab later, I got out on 1 Jan.

Those of you who know Jeana of Laughter for Days to Come, my darling daughter, already know I am recovering at her home. Relearning to walk has given me new respect for infants. Having my grandchildren cheer me on while I am doing ankle turns or toe circles, having to have help to get from the bed to the bath, from the living room back to bed, having to ask for everything I need, having them checking off my meds and my exercise routines--it's both humbling and uplifting.

God has richly blessed me with family and friends who have visited, brought books and tapes and MP3 players, who have bathed and dressed me, brushed my hair, and put lotion on my feet.

My husband has poured love down upon me like rain. He is my sunshine, and my sustenance.

And in one of those ironies that reminds me what a sense of humor God has, I have lost 45 pounds--I no longer qualify for the weight loss surgery.

Isn't God great?