Monday, June 05, 2006

Week of Blogging 3--Blog Problems

Okay here are two problems I have with blogging, and any suggestions or help will be appreciated.

First, what is up with blogspot lately? I try to create a post, and sit here for 30 minutes waiting to get to the dashboard. Then I get to the dashboard, and click on the little plus sign thingy, and nothing happens. Nothing. My little flag doesn't wave, the little green squares don't appear, nothing. Oh, wait, there, my cursor has turned into an hour glass. And for the next hour, I sit staring at the hour glass, waiting. Finally, I press control/alt/delete, and still nothing happens. Gahhhh. I can't even close it down!

Finally I manage to close everything down, restart the computer, reconnect to the web, get back to blogspot, find dashboard, start typing, and nothing appears in the box. I'm typing like crazy, but nothing is appearing.

So I highlight, start to hit delete, and suddenly, one letter at a time, the words start to appear. It's kind of like watching a Polaroid picture develop. Okay, so that little blip seems to have resolved itself. For the moment, at least.

The other problem is my darling husband. He has discovered Freerepublic, a group of like-minded political junkies, rock-ribbed conservatives who love to argue, and the occasional bleeding-heart liberal who really raised their hackles and gets the party started. The discussions are interminable. Endless. Perpetual. Constant. Ongoing. Forever. And all of this discussion is seriously cutting into my computer time. How can I check my e-mail, read my favorite blogs, and post to my own blog, if HE is using the computer all the time?

My goodness, Lauren and Jeana posted about a blogger gathering in DFW this fall, and I didn't even know about it until she called me on the phone. She had to call me on the telephone, because my beloved has been sitting in front of the laptop like a broody hen all day long.

Well, except for when we went to town so he could get his driver's license renewed, and he also took me to the movies, to see X-Men III.

But other than that, he was using the computer. Jeana suggested I ask for a laptop for my birthday, but the one we have takes up more than half our kitchen table already, so even if I got one, where would I put it?

Laptop is such a misnomer. It gets too bloomin' hot to hold in your lap. And too heavy to hold in my arms.

So if, by chance, a couple of days go by, and I don't blog, you know why. Dear husband is solving the problems of the world on Freerepublic.

So go by there and tell him to get off the computer, so I can get on it. Just don't tell him I sent you.