Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Works for Me Wednesday--Newspaper and Tupperware

Well, not just Tupperware. Rubbermaid, or any of those plastic, tightly sealing containers that sometimes hold smells. Stinky smells like tuna. Or onion.

That stuff is too expensive to throw it away, just because it retains an odor. But who wants to put strawberries in a bowl that still smells like cocktail shrimp?

The answer is newspaper. Yeah, that pile of paper you usually use for the bottom of the bird cage, or shred for the ferrets, or start campfires with. It also absorbs odors.

Just wad up a piece, put it in the bowl, and seal the lid. Let it set over night. Next morning, the smell will be gone.

You can also use it for damp, stinky sneakers. Stuff newspaper down into the shoes and leave overnight.

Newspapers will absorb most any kind of odor.

Hmmmm......do you reckon that is why guys read in the bathroom?

Works for me.

A Week of Blogging 4

Once again, my idea for today comes from another blogger, Gibbe at Kisses of Sunshine. She posted a link to an article, A Model of Faith. (Once more, I bemoan my inability to make links work properly--sorry).

The article poses some interesting questions about what being a Christian means in our modern world, and how we represent our faith to others.

One of the things I have noticed since I started blogging is that very few people comment when I post about a serious subject and treat it seriously.

Most of the comments are in response to lighter, more humourous posts.

So where does my faith enter into my blogging life? I comment on other blogs. I notice when someone expresses a concern, and either leave a comment or send an e-mail. People seem to be more comfortable (in general) talking about very personal concerns in private, not on the public blog page. I offer to pray, express my sympathy or concern, ask what I can do to help.

My own response to the "in your face" style of faith presentation is usually to back away. I have a strong sense of my own "personal space" and I don't like being backed into a corner and preached at or yelled at.

So I try not to do it to others. (My own kids will tell you different--they think I am prone to preach to them at the drop of a hat. I maintain that it is a mama's right/responsibility to preach to her kids at any time, on any subject, once they get too big/too old to spank).

Yesterday I read about the Roe v. Wade lady, Miss McCorvey, and her eventual transformation and acceptance of Christ. I noticed that it did not come from her interactions with the "in your face" protesters, but in quiet, personal interactions through which she saw Christ and His love reflected in the day-to-day lives of ordinary Christians.

The opinions I have expressed here are my own, and not meant to be critical of anyone who believes or behaves differently. Each person has to find her/his own way of living personal faith, and those expressions are, I think, usually a reflection of who the believer is, and how that person came to accept Christ.

I don't consider myself the model. I am just a dim reflection of the Christ I worship, the God who created me, the Holy Spirit who seeks to inform and infuse me.

Some days, dimmer than others.