Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Works for Me Wednesday--Newspaper and Tupperware

Well, not just Tupperware. Rubbermaid, or any of those plastic, tightly sealing containers that sometimes hold smells. Stinky smells like tuna. Or onion.

That stuff is too expensive to throw it away, just because it retains an odor. But who wants to put strawberries in a bowl that still smells like cocktail shrimp?

The answer is newspaper. Yeah, that pile of paper you usually use for the bottom of the bird cage, or shred for the ferrets, or start campfires with. It also absorbs odors.

Just wad up a piece, put it in the bowl, and seal the lid. Let it set over night. Next morning, the smell will be gone.

You can also use it for damp, stinky sneakers. Stuff newspaper down into the shoes and leave overnight.

Newspapers will absorb most any kind of odor.

Hmmmm......do you reckon that is why guys read in the bathroom?

Works for me.


Jeana said...

Mysteries of the universe solved! (Newspaper in the bathroom. Too funny!)

Susan said...

That's an awesome suggestion!

Code Yellow Mom said...

I never knew! Great idea!

Katherine@Raising Five said...

You have got to be kidding! You are just chock full of great ideas.

It's a much better use of newspaper than lining cages - no more pets in cages at this casa!

As ever, thank you!

Home Sweet Homeschool said...

Wow... awesome tip. Thanks for sharing!

aggiejenn said...

What a great tip! I always wondered why they took the newspaper in there...(but I don't think it's working!) LOL :)

Katie said...