Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Random Thoughts

Ok, yes, I know, if you have read my blog *at all*, you know that random thoughts is what we are all about, so okay now that I have cleared that up, on with the randomness.

Last weekend we went to the lake again. In fact, we were there for three days. Because we took Friday off. Just because we could. And our son Scott came too. I guess the three teachers all needed a mental health day.

and what a great day for mental health it was. The sun was shining. The breeze was mildly blowing. Temps in the lower 70's. Just a perfect spring day.

On Friday we did nesting sort of stuff. The guys hung insulation in the cabin, which is still under construction. Wick shampooed the carpet in the RV. I did laundry, and a little mending, and a little (very little) cooking.

On Saturday we went to a street fair in Edom, called April in Edom. Because it was in Edom, and it is in April, see. There was a softball game between the coaches of two nearby towns. There were dogs, and babies, and the smell of kettle popcorn, and oh my word the samples. The samples, y'all. Little bites of chocolate toffee candy. Nibbles of sugar roated pecans. Tiny spoonfuls of raspberry honey, mocha honey, jalapeno honey. Teensy tastes of dips on little pretzel sticks, with names like fiesta chipotle, Mexican ranch, green onion and chive. We didn't even eat lunch--we were full of all those bits, bites, tastes, and nibbles.

Back at the lake, late in the long sunny evening, the guys grilled hamburgers that I pattied up, and Johnsonville beer Brats. If you have never tasted these brats, go right now and get you some, and grill them over charcoal, and you will taste one of the best brats you ever put in your mouth. Add some big baked potatoes loaded with sour cream, cheese, butter, and bacon bits (real bacon, now, not that fake stuff), a bowl of baked beans flavored with tomato, molasses, onion and a chunk of pork, and a big ol' platter of fresh sliced tomatoes, sweet onions, and crispy lettuce leaves, and you have a banquet. At least, we did.

We talked about building a fire, but after our tummies were full of good food, and our lungs full of fresh air, and our skins full of spring sunshine, we all fell asleep by 9:00, sleeping on freshly laundered sheets, dreaming of days just like that one.