Tuesday, October 27, 2009


We were away from the cabin for more than two weeks after Wick's incident, and apparently, while we were gone, we had uninvited guests.

Unwanted guests.

They took Wick's air compressor, a satchel full of tools, the computer printer, and a digital camera.

They also took most of my jewelry. Not the junk. No, they are much too discriminating for that. They only took the good stuff.

The pearl necklace Wick gave me when I graduated from high school.

The ruby ring I got when I finished my PhD.

My grandmother's opal ring.

Things that have comparitively little monetary value, but to me were priceless.


Theresa said...

OH,Jan!!!! I'm so sorry! Does law enforcement have any leads on recovering your stuff???

I'm praying for you.

Linds said...

Oh Jan, I really am so sorry to read this. You must be devastated. If only people realised how much damage they do when they break the law. Such an invasion. Stay strong, my friend.