Sunday, August 27, 2006

Dead Lizards and Hanging Dolls

Yesterday we went to visit daughter Jeana and family. Now, with four grandbabies, all lively, intelligent, and full of energy, maybe I shouldn't be surprised at anything that happens.
But some things....

Jeana has one of those full-glass storm doors, with a solid wooden door behind it. It stays open most of the time, so perhaps one can understand how a little lizard might think of the edge of the door as a relatively safe place to perch. The lizard would be wrong. This lizard looks as if he has become permanently squashed into the grain of the wood, being caught on the edge of the door when someone slammed it shut.

Later, we were invited to see a doll bungee-jumping from the top bunk in the boys' room. What we actually witnessed, however, was a doll hanging from the ceiling fan, slow dancing in circles on the end of a long cord, with its blue yarn streaked hair streaming out in the breeze.

Dead lizards.

Hanging dolls.

I'm beginning to wonder if voodoo is in the home school curriculum.

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Katherine@Raising Five said...

Jan - it is all coming together, now, for me. I didn't know Jeana was your daughter! Why didn't I see the hilariously dry sense of humor as a genetic thing?? SO FUNNY!

It makes me appreciate you both even more!