Friday, June 16, 2006

A Cul-de-Sac No More!

Thanks to daughter Jeana at Days to Come, I now have sidebar links! When Carol at She Lives said that a blog with no links is like a cul-de-sac, or a dead end, I knew she was talking about me. So Jeana very generously volunteered to spend a couple of hours walking me through the process of putting links into my posts, and creating a list of favorite blogs in my sidebar. Now my blog is a dead end no longer!

Once you get here, if you don't like it, or just want to go elsewhere, and see who I read regularly, you can just click on the list in the sidebar, and take off somewhere else.

Yeah, I know, to those of you who have long ago mastered these skills and many others I have yet to attempt, this is old news. But for me it is a very exciting step!

And since Ron and Nikky got me my very own copy of Blogging for Dummies, there is no telling what I might learn to do--maybe even learn to insert a picture, like this one of Jeana's daddy.

If you read me regularly, and I don't have you in my list yet, let me know if you want to be added. I can do it!

Funy thing, though, the thought that keeps running through my head is, "A little knowledge is a dangerous thing."


Sue said...

I remember how excited I was when my blogging buddy Kerri taught me how to do some of those things. I'm still learning and have a long ways to go though!
I have you on my bloglines, but have not put a link in my sidebar. Would it be OK if I did?

HolyMama! said...

i'm snorty laughing at the title! actually, i thought carol meant my blog, so yea! except no, b/c mine still is a cul de sac!