Friday, June 09, 2006

Blogging Q & A

Carol at She Lives has some questions about blogging habits.

-- How do find the blogs you read regularly? Through other bloggers' recommendations? Their sidebar links? Search engines? Through comments left on your blog? Something else?

Most of the blogs I read regularly are either blogs daughter Jeana tells me about, or comments left on my blog. I sometimes explore sidebar links, but I never do search engines because too much undesirable stuff turns up that way.

-- When you leave a comment, do you frequently return to that post to check for the author's response?
Not always, but frequently.

-- What types of situations might cause you to stop reading a blog that you once enjoyed?

Too much controversy, bitterness, personal attacks, or "adult" language or topics.

-- How much personal privacy do you try to maintain when posting on your own blog? Everything that might identify you to a friend or neighbor? Only demographic data? Only children's information? Something else?

I try to avoid giving too much personal information about my family or friends, or saying anything that would be too embarrassing--at least I ask first.

-- What are your thoughts about encouraging offline friends to read your blog?

I encourage family members to read my blog, even if they are not bloggers. Most of my friends are family. (We are a laaaarge family)

-- What criteria do you look for in the blogs you enjoy reading? Or perhaps I should ask, what factors do your favorite blogs all have in common?

Hmmm. Most are Christians. Most are mommies. Most are funny, at least most of the time, even though I do enjoy the serious posts too.

-- Are there any blogs you read on a regular basis in which the author frequently expresses beliefs or opinions that completely contradict your own?


-- If you disagree with a blogger do you usually voice your perspective so they can see things from a different angle, or just ignore theirs and click away? Does the size of the person's readership influence this for you?

If I think the person is open to hearing another perspective, yes, I will either leave a comment or send an e-mail. No, I don't think about who else reads the blog.

-- Do you read and/or post on Saturdays and Sundays? Or are you predominantly at M-F blogger?

Yes. Well. Actually, I blog whenever I get the chance, which is whenever my loved one is not on line. I have broached the idea of getting another lap top, but that suggestion was met with less than enthusiastic reception.

During the school year, I probably spend more time blogging on Saturdays and Sundays than weekdays, but read more blogs during the week than on weekends.

I thought I had run out of stuff to say about blogging, but Carol's questions got me going again. Thanks, Carol, for suggesting a week of blogging about blogging.

So......what are we writing about next week?


HolyMama! said...

yours are the first answers i read - mine would be very similar. except i come from a smaaaaaall family!

Carol said...

Next week? Uh...we're blogging about...uh....stuff. Yeah. Life and stuff. And things and whatever.

I think you should head that one up, Jan!

Lauren said...

Good answers Jan, mine would also be similiar.

Praying for your Prodigal said...

Great answers Jan! Wasn't last week fun! Are you heading up this week's theme? I'm game! Let me know--"Life and stuff"--I'll get right on it!