Monday, September 10, 2012

summer Is winding Down

Here at the lake, summer starts with Memorial Day weekend.  It is bookmarked by 4th of July, and ends with Labor Day.

That's when school starts, and football season, so we have fewer visitors in the fall.  The temperatures start cooling off, to low or mid-nineties, the mesquitoes are not so bad, and the hummingbirds gradually disappear.

We can once more enjoy taking the Chihuahuas out in the evenings for a run, and sit outside without melting.

We even talk about starting a bonfire, although that hasn't actually happened yet.  Wick is still cutting up and splitting firewood from the trees we lost in last summer's long drought, and it is a pleasure to contemplate winter evenings with a fire in the pot belly stove.

We've already started looking up soup recipes to simmer on the pot belly stove, and imagining the steam rising from the soup pot, and the aromas of beef, chicken, and vegetable stews.

The state fair is coming up soon, and I look forward to seeing the beautiful handmade quilts on display.

A few brown leaves have fallen from the trees, a reminder that fall brings with it the slowing down of life--the ducks and geese migrate; the squirrels tuck themselves into hollows in the trees and fluff up their tails to keep warm; the little rabbits hide themselves away until warmer weather.

I have several quilts in progress, each of which will be a reminder to the recipient of my love and will wrap each of them in warm hugs and prayers in every stitch during the dead of winter.

Fall is my favorite time of year.  A time of reflection, and a time of anticipation, relief from the heat of summer, and a promise of winter yet to come.


MotherT said...

Ah, Jan, it sounds lovely! I thought that I would be spending more time sewing/quilting/crocheting this fall and winter, but my life as a grandmother has taken me in another direction.

There's going to come a time, though, when my fingers will be busier than my legs!

Linds said...

Jan, this is so beautifully written - I can see your world in my mind's eye and it looks good. I love the autumn too - the drawing in of the days and the family gathering close instead of trying desperately to get cool! Mind you, our summer has been abysmal and I am still in jumpers and jeans. Can we please see photos of the quilts once they have been finished?