Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Wick's Dog

Sissy is attached to me.  She is a one-person dog.  She is also very shy, having been a puppy mill rescue.

We got Cassie as a companion for Sissy, since she seems more comfortable with dogs than with people.  She is Sissy's opposite, outgoing, friendly, loving almost everyone who comes through our door.

But at heart she is Wick's dog.

If he is working at the computer, she sits at his feet gazing longingly, waiting for his attention.  If he is sitting in his recliner, she begs to be picked up, so she can love on him.  She prods him with her little black nose, snuggles into his neck, shines and cries for him to play with her, and sits on his shoulder like a furry little parrot.

If he goes outside to work in his garden, she stands at the window, crying her little heart out, begging to go outside and join him.

I am the one who takes both of them for walks, but they can hardly tend to their business, for wanting to get back into the house.  He is the dispenser of treats, and they can't wait for their reward for going out.

Both dogs follow me to the bedroom when I take a nap, and want to sleep in the curve of my back, or the crook of my knee, or on my pillow, snuggled into my shoulder.  But after about an hour, they begin to poke my face with their noses, eager to get back into the living room, where Wick is, and where the treat jar is.

Cassie loves to sit in Wick's lap, or cuddle next to his leg, or insist that he pet and play with her.  she may jump into my lap to nuzzle Sissy briefly, but at the slightest move or sound from him, she is in his lap in a flash.

When I sit on the back porch, reading, drinking a cup of coffee, gazing out at the lake, both dogs beg to come out with me.  But if Wick stands up, makes the slightest movement or noise, Cassie is at the window, pressing her nose against the glass, begging to go back into the house.

She even likes to ride with him in the pickup, to take the trash to the dumpster.

She and Sissy entertain us, playing tug of war, growling softly, stalking each other, face near the floor, tail in the air, wrestling and struggling in endless mock battles.

We are so easily entertained.


MotherT said...

Dogs are so much fun! Our dog, Sparky, was a dog pound rescue. He was VERY aggressive when we first got him, but has mellowed nicely through the last 10 yrs. He's definitely Ross' dog, but he will accept me as a consolation prize. However, if any of the grandkids are around, he turns into Nanny Dog. MUST! FOLLOW! CHILD!

Linda said...

Aren't dogs more like people than we think? Maybe it's all about chemistry, the same way we're more connected to certain friends. When I carry around my little Yorkie, Niles, i used to think he was growling and barking to protect me. Then I learned that he was really saying, "This lady belongs to me, she does everything for me, so step away, because you can't have her." Niles loves his mommy.