Thursday, April 05, 2012

Kindle Touch--Product Review

After much deliberation, research, and questions of friends and family, I decided I wanted an Kindle Touch.

Wick got it for me this week. So far, I have downloaded nearly 100 books, all free from Amazon.

I still don't exactly know how to work it, but I am learning.

I'm not usually on the cutting edge of technology, so it took me a while to decide that I wanted an e-reader.

Wick is hoping that I will download all the books I currently have on my shelves. Maybe I will let go of some, but so far, nothing I have downloaded is on my shelves. And we have a lot of shelves.

I love books. I love the feel of a book in my hand. I love how books smell, especially old books. I never thought I would want an e-reader. But it is so easy to download a book, and so convenient to carry a library of books around with me, wherever I go.

Target had a special offer this week; buy a Kindle Touch and get a $10 gift card. I used the gift card immediately, to buy a cover for my kindle.

They only had orange, black, and purple. I wanted pink, but settled for the purple.

It's easy to recharge the battery, but I need to remember to do it at night, when I am asleep, instead of in the morning, when I would rather be curled up in my comfy chair with the puppies in my lap, reading and drinking coffee. By the way, have any of you tried the new International coffee creamer that tastes like a York peppermint patty? I love it, and can't wait to try the Almond Joy flavor.

One feature I love is that I can enlarge the font, and read without my reading glasses if I want to.

I'm sure I will eventually find something about the kindle touch that I don't like, but it hasn't happened yet.

I receive no remuneration for this review, and have no financial interest in Amazon or Kindle.


MotherT said...

I bought a Kindle 3G at Christmas time. I LOVE!!!it! I thought I would have a problem with not holding a real book in my hands and turning pages, but I quickly discovered the pleasure of holding several books in my hand at the same time.

AND my 10 yr old grandson loved getting to read "Uncle Tom's Cabin". (We couldn't find it in print anywhere, but we could download it to my Kindle.)

I think my favorite downloads have been the two Bibles. I downloaded a KJV for use at church, and a One Year Chronological for my devotional time. (I love reading the Bible in chronological order.)

I love being able to set up specific folders to "file" my books.

Anonymous said...

Ditto the puppies and the reading glasses. : )

I've thought alot about getting a reader too, and your review has pointed me in the right direction.

I also like "real" books. Not the smell so much, but the glossy covers with a neat picture! And I would never part with a book in my library. Just one of those things... : )

This is an excellent review!

Linda said...

P.S. I'm not anonymous... just clumsy.