Monday, October 17, 2011

More Photos

Here we are with our Sunshine, at a football game, during half-time. Isn't she just adorable?

This the quilt I made for Pie for graduation from high school. It is made of jerseys and t-shirts from her club soccer years. Now, each of the other six grandchildren want one. So I will be doing a lot of quilting over the next few years.

Actually, they don't all want t-shirt quilts. Katoushka has already said she wants an Irish Chain pattern, in green and white, the colors of the university she plans to attend. Buddy and Sunshine do want t-shirt quilts. He graduates next year. Sunshine and Katoushka graduate the next year. I better get my sewing stuff organized.

I guess I should explain that these are not my gradchildren's real names.

Pie is the oldest, and in college, on a soccer scholarship.

Buddy is next, a junior who plays left tackle on the football team our son and my brother coach.

Then Katoushka and Merideth, who are just 3 months apart, currently in 10th grade.

Next is A-man, then Lolly, and last but not least, Big D.

K. and L. play piano, and A. and D. play violin. They are our daughter's kids, and are home schooled.

The nicknames are based on the pet names I have used for them since they were babies.

Their parents want to preserve as much of their privacy as possible, so I don't use their real names.

They are my babies, and my darlings, and we love them immensely. In them we relive our own children's childhood, and through them we glimpse our future. We are so blessed.


MotherT said...

Those are some wonderful pictures and quilt plans. Make sure you post pictures as you complete them.

Jan/ said...

Thanks! Some days the whole idea is a little overwhelming!

HolyMama! said...

she IS cute, and so are y'all.

GREAT quilt idea! maybe i should be keeping these endless sports shirts... i haven't been. but there's always more.: )

Jan/ said...

Kelsey, at least keep enough to make a quilt for yourself. You will love having those memories to wrap yourself in when the boys are grown.

Linda said...

Wow... that is a beautiful quilt. I've never seen one done with sports apparel, but like it! I love to sew and plan to be a quilter too, someday. : )

Jan/ said...

Linda, you might make a quilt out of t-shirts from places you have been. Or things that interest you. Like my other needle crafts, quilting calms me and provides plenty of time for prayer and meditation.