Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Meredith's post about lids reminded me of the loss of lids for my favorite Corning ware casserole dishes, which I received as a wedding gift.
The dishes themselves were that very sturdy, nearly indestructible stuff that goes from freezer to oven to microwave to dishwasher with nary a problem. The lids, however...
The lids were just glass.
They chipped easily.
They broke almost as easily.
So by the time I had been married about 20 years or so, I still had the dishes, but only one lid.
One Sunday afternoon, my dear daughter-in-law and I went shopping at a nearby outlet mall, where there was a Corning outlet. We were accompanied by two year old Pie.
Pie was very patient with us as we shopped store after store.
When we got to the Corning outlet, I looked at replacement lids, but couldn't decide on which sizes I needed. So we decided to go home and look at the dishes, just to be sure.
When we got back to my house and unbuckled Pie from her car seat, she ran ahead of us into the house, jabbering incomprehensibly.
I followed her, curious to see what she was up to.
She went directly into the kitchen, opened the lower cabinet door where I kept the Corning dishes, and yanked the stack that needed lids right out of the cabinet.
Onto the floor.
Onto the ceramic tile floor.
Shattering all but one of the dishes.
Despite their apparent sturdiness, they could not survive a two year old, or a tile floor.
I guess I didn't need those lids after all.


Anonymous said...

This reminds me of a sibling of mine -- she was about 2 or 3 and mother was teaching her not to play in the cupboards. She insisted that she'd never baby-proofed her house & wouldn't start, she'd taught all of her children to behave. NOT this one. She returned to the cupboards time & again. One day, she pulled down floor to ceiling lamp, breaking the globes & bulbs, turned around, went to the kitchen & pulled out every ceramic bowl & crystal platter. I insist she stood in the middle of the wreckage grinning.
And she wonders why her children act this way.

Theresa said...

So far, anything glass that has been broken in my house has been due to my Mother, not to a single child or grandchild!!! How ironic!

Sherrie said...

LOL I think that is really clever of your 2 year old grandchild? to recognise them like that!