Friday, February 02, 2007

Share the Love

Somebody likes me!
Somebody reads me!
And somebody nominated me for an award!
Of course, the Jeana Likes Me Award, my first, is incomparable, but it is nice to know that someone besides my daughter reads my blog!
If I sound a bit giddy, it's because I am. It's so exciting to know that I'm not just talking to myself here, and that someone out there not only reads, but wants to keep on reading my ranblings. Thank you!!!

Now that I have all that out of my system,
Go Vote!


Jeana said...

That's okay, be giddy!

It's okay that you didn't SAY nothing will ever compare to your Jeana LIkes Me Award. I knew you were thinkin' it.

Dawn said...

I LOVE your last post about Home Depot. Hilarious!!

I haven't been in contact with you for a long time. Diane (Partners in Prayer for our Prodigals) sent me a post from her archives. It was when my son was returning from Teen Challenge in June. You wrote and me and it meant so much to me. I found that e-mail just the other day, as I had printed it out. I want to update you and let you know that Kevin and I are doing a series on his life THROUGH drugs and to DELIVERANCE! He did his first post on his wife's site on Monday, and I countered on mine. My daughter and I also did one recently one our journey through her anorexia - yes, it's been a tough time. But God is on the throne, is in control. If you're interested, you can find the links at my site. Miracles still happen.

HolyMama! said...

if i had an 'i like jan' button, i'd give it to you!