Thursday, August 03, 2006

Thursday Thirteen--Who's In Charge Here?

As I have been discussing for what seems like months, we have just acquired new jobs, moved into a tiny apartment, and have major problems with our RV. Here are a few of the things we have been dealing with.

1. We signed our contracts 31 July, after being offered jobs at the Job Fair on 22 July.
2. When we were signing, we asked about new teacher training.
3. We were informed that we would have had to sign by 21 July to qualify to go to new teacher training.
4. But, as I mentioned in item #1, the Job Fair was 22 July.
5. At which time we were told we would be called on Monday, 24 July, for a time to come in and sign contracts, and hand-deliver our teacher service records, official transcripts, etc.
6. But we only received an appointment after two phone calls from my husband, and four from me, over five days.
7. After signing, we were told to report to our campuses immediately, where we would be told what to do for the rest of the week.
8. But the principal would not be expecting us, since he would have assumed that we were attending new teacher training.
9. And, since we didn't sign before 21 July, and thus missed the beginning of teacher training, we will be docked a day's pay for not attending new teacher training.
10. When we arrived on our campuses, the principals were in meetings, were totally astonished to see us, and had nothing for us to do.
11. So we went to the lake to pick up a few things, such as a clock, our dinner plates, and a few other things we seem to feel necessary for living.
12. All of which, we thought, was stored in the barn, where the temperature was approximately 125 degrees, and I felt like I was having a stroke,
13. So I went to take a cold shower, while my darling persevered, finding the dinner plates, but not the clock, despite our conviction that we have at least four somewhere among all those boxes in that hot, cavernous space.

So, today we take the RV back to the service center.


And tomorrow, we report for work.



Diane said...

Good grief, are you sure you wanted something new and adventurous? LOL

You sound like newlyweds starting out rather than empty-nesters changing jobs.

Hope things get better for you. I absolutely despise moving. I'd rather take a beating than have to move, and I'm not kidding much about that. :-)

Katherine@Raising Five said...

You have got to be kidding! I hate it when bureaucracy throws the cold wet towel on all your fun! I doubt there would have been anything new in "teacher training" other than where to find the copy machine, anyway! Sheesh.