Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Wednesday Works for Me--Another use for Zip Bags

Last week I talked about using zip bags for packing daily changes of clothing.
Another good use for these little bags is when picnicing.
I saturate several wash cloths, fold into quarters, and pop each into a sandwich size baggie. Then I drop them into the cooler.
They are great for wiping sticky hands and faces.
If someone falls down, that frozen washcloth makes a great mini-ice pack, flexible, and not too lumpy if you need to lie on it (for bumps on the head).
And they are re-usable, unlike packaged wipes. After a few hours, the cooler ice will have melted, so there is some water in the bottom. Rinse out the washcloth in the cool water, and reuse.
I keep my oldest raggediest washcloths for this purpose.
And you can rinse out the baggies, let them dry, and reuse--just be sure you rinse well, because soapy residue, although it may not be visible, will certainly affect the taste of your sandwiches.

Works for me.


LammyAnn said...

I hadn't thought of that.
Good one!

Susanne said...

I do this same thing! So handy! Great to just throw in the car when heading to parks or playgrounds.

Mama Duck said...

Good idea - I always just use wipes but washcloths would work better and be more earth-friendly, eh? ;)

Tammy said...

Visiting for the first time...what a great idea! I'm one of those mommies who is NOT always prepared...I will have to try this.

I read your bio and how exciting to be able to live out a dream and travel around with hubby in an RV!
I'm new to blogging but stop by anytime...

Barb, sfo said...

That is a SMART idea--thanks!

Pieces said...

That is an excellent idea!

Katherine@Raising Five said...

Zip bags in all sizes are my true companion - especially for traveling. As usual, you are so practical - my kids hate wipes to clean their faces. Thanks - have a great day!

Carol said...

This is a great idea, Jan. And so simple. Of course, I have to spend gads of bucks on the disposable wipes in the plastic containers that require at least a dozen to do the job and dry out at a moment's notice. But no more! Thanks!

Pam said...

Thanks for the memory. I had forgotten about that. My mom used sandwhich bags for such purposes. Of course, that was before zip bags were invented, and I had forgotten.
*big grin*

Overwhelmed! said...

Nice idea!

I've posted my first WFMW. Stop by and take a peek! :)