Sunday, June 04, 2006

A Week of Blogging 2

One of the things I love about blogging is how what I read on other blogs starts a train of thought that I can then expand on here.

For example, Lauren at Created for His Glory mentioned a new word she learned (which I promptly forgot), which means slick and hairless. That got me to thinking about hair.

Have you ever noticed that hair distribution changes as we age? For example, look at old men with those hedgerow eyebrows, nose whiskers, and a thicket growing out of each ear, but bald as an egg on top of their heads.

As for myself, I notice that I have much less hair on my legs to shave these days, and what little is still there is the soft blonde fuzz I used to have as a child. The hair on my arms, which was always blonde, is gradually disappearing too.

And my eyebrows. I used to have eyebrows like Alli McGraw. Now they are thin, turning sort of greyish blonde, and I actually have a sort of missing spot in the left one, where some three or four hairs have taken a permanent leave of absence, while about 3 hairs in the arch of the right brow have decided to stand straight up like Alfalfa's "personality".

The worst development is the hairs that now sprout from my chin. Long hairs. Some of them are black. So my hair is turning grey, my eyebrows are disappearing, and I am growing a beard.

So I don't have to shave my legs much, or pluck my eyebrows, which gives me more time to pluck my chin hairs.

By the time I am sixty, I am going to be a thing of beauty. Or at least an object of curiosity.

Wonder if I could get the hairs from my chin transplanted to my eyebrows?


Lauren said...

Following your train of thought is quite the adventure!

I too have the chin hair thing going on. Well, actually having chin hair probably bars me from ever saying I've got anything going on.

Beck said...

I don't have any chin hair, but left to its own devices, I can grow quite the nifty moustache. Fun entry - it made me laught right out loud!

Reverberate58 said...

Chin and moustache are easy for me to grow! I wish I could see less growth on my legs because I hate to shave! Nice posting.

Nikky said...

Now at what age did you say the leg hair will start disappearing???...let me count the days!!!!