Friday, May 05, 2006

Freaky Thursday

Okay, y'all, be patient, cuz I just got totally freaked out last night, but it will take me a while to get to the point.
Y'all know that Wick and I have resigned from our jobs, and started looking for something else which will pay enough to feed us and keep Frankie the pom in doggie biscuits. Well, yesterday afternoon, instead of working on my electronic grade book, which I should have been doing, since this is the third week of the reporting period, and progress reports are due, I was busy sending e-mails to everyone in my school e-mail address book telling them not to use the school e-mail address afte the end of May, since I won't be here to read their messages, or to answer them. (Breathe).
So... as I was saying, I sent out a gazillion e-mails, and some--well, okay, a lot--of them went to people from my e-mail address book at my last job, last year,when I also sent out a gazillion e-mails to everyone in my electronic address book, telling them I was leaving there, and coming here. (Is anybody still with me?)
One of those people was a man I used to teach with, and his wife was an aide in our school. Dear people, solid strong Christians, just wonderful people, but we had not stayed in touch other than accidentally runing into each other at a restaurant or the mall or whatever.
To make a long story short (I know, too late), He got my e-mail about changing e-mail addresses, and guess what? he is now a principal--that means he hires teachers to work for him--and he wanted to know if we were planning to come to his district's job fair Saturday?

Well, *yeah*, definitely (we are *now* even if we weren't before). So we are going to this job fair to see our good buddy who is now a principal, and knows other principals, and even if he can't place us on his campus, maybe he knows somebody who could, and wow doesn't it just freak you out when God opens a door that way, even if you didn't actually say a prayer when you were sending out all those gazillions of e-mails? It does me.....I am still feeling like, oh my word, what just happened?
Is God great or what?

Stay tuned for further developments to find out if Frankie is going to continue to get his favorite Pupperoni, or is he going to have to settle for Ol' Roy's cheapo treats?


Jeana said...

This made me giggle. And? Never thought I would see/hear my Doctorate holding, English Professor mom use the word "cuz". Just don't start saying "prolly". I'm beggin' ya.

Susan said...

I will be praying. Keep me updated!


Jan said...

Glad I made you laugh. I promise never to say "prolly", and *prolly* won't ever say "cuz" again--I was in a hurry, and had been grading papers, so I guess it was stuck in my brain for the moment.
Susan, thanks for the prayers--never can have too many of those!

Nikky said...

Wow Wow Wow - now that Saturday is over, how did it go? Can't wait for the next blog for an update on the job fair!!!!!! Until then every finger is crossed (I have this really cool ability to even cross my toes) and my prayers are with you both!!!!

I type this as I'm watching Phantom of the Opera...the phantom has just walked down the stairs in the middle of the gala to everyones stunned looks...gotta get back to it!!!! (Ok, he and Raoul are fighting...I really have to sign off now!!!!)