Monday, April 17, 2006

Ten Simple Pleasures

Carol tagged me for this, and after reading hers, I had to think a while, since I didn't want to duplicate hers. (Carol, I too love pedicures--feels so luxurious!)
1. Getting to sleep late on Saturdays.
2. Having a husband who makes coffee *and* breakfast before waking me up.
3. Having time for a third cup of coffee before we leave for work.
4. Having grandbabies who still sit in my lap, even the ones who are taller than me.
5. Early morning talk while drinking coffee with Jeana's Scott, while she gets to sleep late after staying up until 4:30 Sat. morning with her brother, working on her new blog site.
6. Sitting on the dock watching Wick fish, and applauding when he catches one.
7. Six adult children who talk to me as friends as well as family.
8. Getting to be with my husband virtually 24 hours a day, driving, working, having lunch, living on the lake.
9. Reading other people's blogs.
10. Eating good chocolate--especially dark chocolate.


Jeana said...

You know what could become a simple pleasure? Learning to create a link. And then doing it. Think what simple pleasure you could get from using to Jeana's name to link to her blog post instead of saying, "Go read Jeana's post--you know the one--something about Adam and an apple--it's in there somewhere...go dig around a bit. :-)

Carol said...

Thanks for playing along, Jan. What I loved about this meme is that it made me hypersensitive after I posted it. Since then, I've noticed so many simple pleasures, I could do a 50 list on the fly now.