Saturday, March 25, 2006

Hi Y'all

First, thanks to everyone who has commented on my posts. I am overwhelmed! Jeana is going to teach me how to put links on my blog to your sites, and I am going to try to answer each of you in the next few days. However, this weekend we are camping at Lake Texoma with Wick's brother, and I won't be sitting at the computer for a couple of days. I just had to check comments though, since Jeana called and told me y'all were responding. This is soooo cool!
It is freezing cold this weekend. What a winter. We had icy roads right at the beginning of winter, and lost a school day because the buses couldn't run (we teach in a rural area). Then it was warm and mild almost all winter. Now, the first week in spring, we are having freezing temperatures, frost on our windshields in the mornings, and digging out the warm clothes I just packed up for storage two weeks ago. Jeana warned me I was jumping the gun a little, but since we live in our RV, we don't have a huge amount of clothes storage space, and my summer stuff takes up a lot less room that my winter stuff. I know some of y'all think that Texas doesn't really have different seasons, but we do--sometimes all four seasons in one week. Some years we are wearing shorts Thanksgiving weekend. Other years, it snows on Easter. You never know what to expect. And yes, like Jeana, I do keep a jacket and jeans around during the summer, and shorts and t-shirts in the drawer in winter. A couple of years ago, we had all our kids and grandkids at the lake over 4th of July, and Jeana's dear husband was wearing a sweatshirt! on 4th of July! in Texas!
In this part of Texas, temps often go above 100 degrees in summer; and down below 20 is not that unusual in winter. And sometimes in the 40's in summer. or the 90's in winter. How do you know how to dress, with weather like that?
When we planned this trip, we though we could expect warm weather, after the warm winter we've had. You know, jeans, t-shirts, maybe a light jacket. Last night, we had a bonfire, I had on a fleece jacket with a knit shawl over that, and stood practically in the fire, and was still shivering. Poured down the hot coffee till I thought I was going to be sick, and still couldn't feel my toes. Still frigid this morning, but the forecast is sunshine and 66 degrees. I'll believe that when I see it.
Well that is enough rambling for this morning; Ive got to take Frankie outside (he's the amazing shrinking Pomeranian mentioned in one of Jeana's posts) before he had a conniption fit.


Lauren said...

So that's how you spell conniption, I haven't heard that word in years. Hope it warms up!

the voice said...

I had to laugh reading about the weather. We live in Minnesota, where you have to have over a foot of snow fall before they close the schools. Sometimes we get below 20 too, but that's -20. I really don't know why I live here. Got room for me to pitch a tent?

Carol said...

Bless your heart! I've learned to check the National Weather service website daily and definitely before any travelling. They're fairly accurate to 5 days out, accurate enough to dress by, anyway.

HolyMama! said...

here we had serious snow - for all of 30 minutes - a few days ago. the next day the forecast was 70. That's TX, huh?!

Today we're hoping for 76, YEA!!!

Does Frankie wear a sweater?

Jan said...

Yeah that's Texas, Kelsey! The wind has gotten up really high today, so even though it's a little warmer, it's not much more comfortable to be outside. So we are packing up and getting ready to go home.
No, Frankie doesn't wear a sweater. He has plenty of fur. In fact, that is the source of Jeana callingl him the incredible shrinking Pomeranian--He looks as if he weighs about 20 pounds, until he gets wet. He actually weighs only about 10 pounds.

Praying for your Prodigal said...

Love the word conniption! It is so descriptive! You are so brave...if someone made me go camping...I"D be the one having conniption! :)


Peach said...

Welcome Jeana's mom. Glad to have you here in the Blog-o-sphere.